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Silje + Ole

A gorgeous day spent at several locations in southern Norway (Ålgård, Jæren, and Stavanger) with so many unique moments: a cool cat, rain AND sunshine, great clouds and a sunset, with a rustic viking reception.

Charlotte + Thomas

The most popular date of 2018 (18.8.18), but I could only photograph one wedding: and I’m glad this was it! Charlotte and Thomas were so full of life and love, and no amount of rain could stop us from getting amazing pictures.

Julie + Thomas

A fairy-tale wedding spanning Randaberg, Tananger, and Rennessøy in southern Norway... Sunny walks through beautiful wooded areas, curious ducks, an antique car, a lighthouse, and almost "Mediterranean-like" coastal area.

Ina + Gjermund

This story happened on Mosterøy, an island just off the coast from Stavanger, Norway. Unique and full of surprises: from a Jaguar wedding car, the Utstein Kloster location, and a windy lighthouse and cliffs… this wedding had it all.

Kjetil + Marlena

An extravagant two-day weekend wedding, with a party on the Norwegian fjords aboard the Gamle Rogaland, a ceremony in the 850 year old Domkirke Cathedral in Norway, pigeons galore, and even a poisoned cake!

Sveinung + Malin

Take a look at this one-of-a-kind greenhouse wedding in the spring! A romantic, fun, and sunshine-y day with tons of color and personality, on the island of Rennessøy, Norway. The coastal forest location for portraits didn’t hurt, either.



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